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Schwarz et al. report that the regulatory T cell impairment, inflammation, and altered cytokine profile that characterize psoriasis can be restored in a mouse model with topical treatment with the short-chain fatty acid sodium butyrate, which activates regulatory T cells, suggesting that such short-chain fatty acids offer therapeutic potential for this skin disease. To learn more about the techniques used in this paper, visit the Research Techniques Made Simple article.
Rahman et al. describe a chemopreventive role for aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid [ASA]) in melanocytes and keratinocytes following UVB exposure, as ASA reduced UVB-induced inflammation and DNA damage and effectively delayed onset of squamous cell carcinoma following UVB exposure. See the accompanying commentary. To learn more about the techniques used in this paper, visit the Research Techniques Made Simple article .
Longmate et al. demonstrate that integrin α3β1 maintains tumor growth and regulates the keratinocyte secretome, including fibulin-2 and macrophage colony-stimulating factor 1, positioning integrin α3β1 as regulator of the skin tumor microenvironment via paracrine signaling between keratinocytes and stromal cells to yield a tumor-supportive skin tumor microenvironment.

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