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Using multiple molecular sequencing methods, Chang et al. found heterogeneity in the presence of BRAFV600, NRASQ61, TERT124C>T, and TERT146C>T mutations in paired primary and metastatic tumors or multiple metastatic tumors from 18 of 99 (18%) patients with melanoma. These results suggest that differing mutational profiles occur in primary melanomas from the same individual and that this information is integral to treatment response and disease outcomes. .
O'Neill et al. describe antimicrobial peptides that are secreted by the skin-resident commensal Staphylococcus capitis E12 and selectively inhibit growth of the acne vulgaris pathogen Cutiebacterium acnes, highlighting the potential for identification of novel antibacterial agents for treatment of skin diseases from the skin microbiome. To learn more about the techniques used in this paper, visit the Research Techniques Made Simple article.
Zhao et al. report that in keratinocytes, TRPV3 and PAR2, which are upregulated in skin of patients with atopic dermatitis, function together as part of a signaling cascade to convey itch, indicating that targeting of either of these components may provide a potential antipruritic therapy for atopic dermatitis. To learn more about the techniques used in this paper, visit this Research Techniques Made Simple article.

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JID invites submission of reports in the field of aging for a Special Issue on Aging. Areas of interest include senescence, regeneration, life span, DNA damage and repair, telomeres, calorie restriction, longevity, mitotic ageing rate, and stem cells. Manuscript deadline: September 1, 2020. Contact the Editor at for submission details. For additional details, please see the full announcement.

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