1456 Tensor effect of anigozanthos flavidus flower extract: Modulation of tenascin-X to regenerate the skin

      Wrinkles are characterized by deterioration of the dermal fiber network due to a decreased expression of extracellular matrix proteins and their disorganization. Tenascin-X, a matrix glycoprotein, is known to regulate the structure and stability of elastic fibers and the organization of collagen fibrils in the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), influencing cellular rigidity and elasticity. Therefore, the impact of the modulating tenascin-X expression in the skin is of great interest. To counteract these processes, we have developed a natural Australian plant extract of Anigozanthos Flavidus flower (AF), enabling the regeneration in vitro and in vivo the expression, organization and the functionality of the ECM proteins implicated in the tensor effect on skin aging. In vitro studies revealed the capacity of the AF extract to increase type I collagen, tenascin- X and elastin by 136, 39 and 43%, respectively. Moreover the Glassboxplus® model with equivalent dermis indicated that the extract increased significantly contractile forces of wrinkles fibroblasts by 10 and 19% after 6h and 24h of treatment, respectively. These data were confirmed in vivo: the study was conducted during 28 days with a twice daily application of AF cream at 2% on 42 women volunteers. One hour after the first application we observed a decrease by 5% of wrinkle depth as well as an improvement of the neck sagging by 24%. These effects were sustained for28 days as we improved the total anti-wrinkle effect by 10%. In conclusion, we have demonstrated that AF extract regenerates ECM by increasing matrix essential protein expression, organization and functionality. Anigozanthos Flavidus flower extract could be the new innovative skin care ingredient able to promote fast and long lasting tensor effect to counteract skin aging.