March 2019 — Vol 139 No 3

H3K27ac HiChIP in primary CD4+ T cells identifies enhancer-gene interactions from dermatologic SNPs.  H3K27ac HiChIP experimental outline (red dot = H3K27ac-associated looping complex; blue dot = biotin; green semicircle = paired-end sequencing).

Disease-associated SNPs frequently occur in noncoding regions of DNA, and theirsignificance has been difficult to assess. Jeng and colleagues used H3K27ac HiChIPandhuman CD4þT cells to begin to characterize physical relationships between SNPs andtheir putative target genes. Exploration of the resulting enhancer connectome mayprovide insights into the pathogenesis of human inflammatory skin disorders. See theOriginal Article by Jeng et al. (page 605) and the related Commentary by Patrick et al.(page 514) for details.