Montagna Symposium On The Biology Of Skin

The annual Montagna Symposium On The Biology Of Skin was initiated at Brown University in 1950 by Dr. William Montagna. The symposia grew from a need for basic scientists studying the skin in man and animals to communicate with clinically trained scientists in investigative dermatology. Since then, over 6,000 scientists, physicians, and students from throughout the world have attended the annual symposia, which each year addresses a single major topic in cutaneous biology. The proceedings are documented each year through the publication of articles arising from the symposium. In this collection, articles for each symposium topic have been listed along with each year's meeting report.

Decoding Complex Skin Diseases: Integrating Genetics, Genomics, and Disease Biology

Melanoma to Vitiligo The Melanocyte in Biology and Medicine

Precision Dermatology: Next Generation Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

The Skin: Our Sensory Organ for Itch, Pain, Touch and Pleasure

Harnessing Stem Cells to Reveal Novel Skin Biology and Disease Treatment

Skin Aging: Molecular Mechanisms and Tissue Consequences

Light and Skin: How Light Sustains, Damages, Treats, Images and Modifies Skin Biology

Keeping It All Together: Adhesion, the Cytoskeleton & Signaling in Morphogenesis & Tissue Function

Advances in Science and Medicine Catalyzed by Pioneering Skin Research

Small Molecules: Skin as the first line of defense

Montagna Symposium 2009: Genetic–Epigenetic Basis of Skin Diseases

Biologic Basis of Psoriasis

Epidermal T cell interactions Clinicopathological and basic mechanisms

Signaling to Structures: Skin Appendages, Development and Diseases

Tissue Remodeling and Repair: Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Challenges

Keratinocyte and Melanocyte Cancers of Skin: Interacting Pathways

Stem Cells of the Skin

Autoimmunity and the skin

Progress in Cutaneous Biology and Investigative Dermatology

Emerging Infections and the Skin

Endothelial Cells and Angiogenesis: From Benchtop to the Bedside

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Photobiology:The Molecular Mechanisms of Light-induced Damage and the Effects of Light on Human Skin Diseases

Aging of the Skin: Basic Mechanisms and Approaches to Prevention

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Cutaneous Innervation and Neurobiology of the Skin

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Skin Cancer: Pathomechanisms, Epidemiology and Clinical Manifestations, and New Approaches to Treatment

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Lymphocytes in Skin Disease: From Activation to Immunodeficiency

Genetics of skin disease

Fundamentals of Hair Biology

Cell Receptors, Intracellular Signalling and Transcriptional Response Elements

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Cutaneous Receptors in Cutaneous Biology: Interleukin, Immunoglobulin Family and Matrix receptor

Vascular elements of the dermis

Pigment Cell Biology and Oncology

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Molecular Basis of Nutritional Dermatoses

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Prenatal Diagnosis of Heritable Skin Diseases

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Cutaneous immunobiology

Cutaneous Oncogenic Viruses

Biology of the Keratinocyte in vitro

Structural Elements of the Dermis

Photobiology and Photomedicine

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Dendritic and Lymphocytic Cells in the Epidermis

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